Irrigation scheduling

The Bone Spring–Victorio Peak Aquifer in northern Hudspeth County, just east of El Paso aquifer is the main source of water for over 40,000 acres of irrigable land in the Dell Valley. Significant amounts of groundwater have been and continue to be pumped from the aquifer, leading water levels to decline an average of 30 feet over a period of approximately 55 years in the Dell Valley area. The rate at which the water is being is pumped is, in...Read more >>

Project Location: 
Hudspeth County , TX
United States
31° 50' 8.6532" N, 105° 26' 21.48" W

San Angelo Water Reuse Project

UPDATE (6/21/2016)--The City of San Angelo voted to withdraw its SWIFT application for its reuse project due concerns about the cost of the project, as well as a 36-month available water supply. The project is not cancelled, but for now it's been put on hold.

San Angelo is asking for a $150 million low-interest loan to help fund a potential wastewater reuse project. The proposal was one of 48 applications turned in to the Texas Water...Read more >>

Project Location: 
San Angelo , TX
United States
31° 27' 49.5792" N, 100° 26' 13.3368" W

Ending Water Waste from Leaky Pipes

Cracked municipal water pipes account for a large portion of wasteful water use in Texas, leaking at least 35 billion gallons per year.

The City of Fort Worth submitted an application to the State Water Implementation Fund for Texas (SWIFT) for a loan of $76 million to construct an advanced metering infrastructure, to include autmoated leak detection, replacement of old meters, and retrofitting of remaining meters. The City of Bedford...Read more >>

Project Location: 
Fort Worth , TX
United States
32° 45' 19.7568" N, 97° 19' 50.7576" W

Lower Bois d'Arc Reservoir

UPDATE (7/5/16): Due to permitting issues, construction that was planned to begin in 2015 has been delayed. The EPA has yet to grant the project a Clean Water Act (404) permit, requesting with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers additional environmental studies. Concern over a lack of water to support a growing population led to the introduction of the North Texas Reservoir Approval Act by Texas representatives in congress in an effort to...Read more >>

Project Location: 
Bonham , TX
United States
33° 34' 38.3808" N, 96° 10' 41.9196" W

Improving Canal Systems in Maverick County

Maverick County Water Control and Improvement District (WCID) #1 has applied for a $9 million loan through SWIFT. The WCID operates an irrigation canal system in Maverick County. The District delivers water from the Rio Grande for irrigation, municipal use, industrial use and non-consumptive diversion for hydroelectric power generation. The District is seeking assistance for improvements including lining portions of the main canal to reduce...Read more >>

Project Location: 
Maverick County , TX
United States
28° 30' 27.1548" N, 100° 18' 14.04" W

Waco Water Reuse Project

The City of Waco has applied for a $5.8 million SWIFT loan from the texas Water Development Board to finance a wastewater reuse project. The proposed project would deliver reuse water from the Waco Metropolitan Area Regional Sewer System (WMARSS) Central Wastewater Treatment Plant to the industrial and municipal sectors of the nearby towns, Bellmead and Lacy-Lakeview. The city would build a pipeline east across the Brazos

...
Project Location: 
Waco , TX
United States
31° 32' 57.5988" N, 97° 8' 48.012" W

Luce Bayou Interbasin Project

The Luce Bayou Interbasin Project would transfer 450 million gallons of water per day from the Trinity River to Lake Houston on the San Jacinto River. This project costs $254 million dollars and is projected to be completed by 2020.

What’s at risk?

Transferring such a large amount of water from the Trinity River could cause harm to Galveston Bay, the Trinity River, and the San Jacinto River. An analysis...Read more >>

Project Location: 
Harris County and Liberty County , TX
United States
30° 8' 39.0588" N, 94° 58' 38.1936" W

Colorado River Dam

Dispute is brewing over a proposed dam that will be built on the Colorado River. 

The town of Goldthwaite, about 100 miles northwest of Austin, is collaborating on a plan to build a dam across the river to help meet their water needs. Several years ago, at the height of the drought we are still experiencing today, the river dried up in this area. Goldthwaite, a town largely dependent on water from the Colorado, came within 90 days of...Read more >>

Project Location: 
Goldthwaite , TX
United States
31° 20' 50.136" N, 98° 38' 16.926" W

Wichita Falls Direct Potable Water Reuse Project

UPDATE (7/5/16): The city of Wichita falls has been succesful in its project to recycle wastewater to safe and reliable drinking water through direct potable reuse (DPR). The city is now moving forward to convert operations into indirect potable reuse, which first filter treated wastewater through Lake Arrowhead before re-entering the city’s tap water supply. This will require a $30 million pipeline to pump millions of gallons per day of...Read more >>

Project Location: 
Wichita Falls , TX
United States
33° 54' 49.3524" N, 98° 29' 36.1932" W

Electro Purification Plans for Pumping in Hays County

The Houston-based company, Electro Purification, has made plans to pump up to 5 million gallons of water daily from the Trinity Aquifer and sell it to some of Austin's fastest growing suburbs. Representative Jason Isaac launched a volley of legislationto stop these plans to pump water from underneath Hays County. In a recent interview with the The Texas Tribune, Rep. Isaac stated that he plans to propose three laws to protect the residents of...Read more >>

Project Location: 
Hays County , TX
United States
30° 6' 8.154" N, 98° 6' 22.8816" W