Municipal Conservation

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Dallas , TX
United States
32° 46' 48.9432" N, 96° 48' 3.5208" W

Wasteful water use in Texas remains common. For example, new residential landscaping often requires extensive watering to maintain, and cracked municipal water mains leak billions of gallons a year. Wasted water means that less is immediately available for other purposes, including keeping our rivers flowing. Moreover, wasted water may evaporate or become contaminated, removing it from the hydrological cycle altogether and permanently reducing the amount of water available to recharge Texas aquifers.

Thankfully, there are many proven technologies and approaches that can improve the efficiency of water use. Deploying water conservation technologies and implementing conservation programs could reduce water demand by 500 billion gallons by 2020, enough to meet the municipal water needs of 9 million Texans.

The Region C water plan includes a basic conservation package, including education, pricing structure, water waste prohibitions, water system audits, and plumbing code changes. In addition, an expanded conservation package, including additional strategies such as landscape irrigation restrictions and residential water audits, was recommended for some municipal water user groups.